There are a number of forms HDC requires during the process of construction and/or permanent financing, as well as other general requirements of developers utilizing HDC financing. This area is designed to give you easy access to these documents.

HDC Rental Collections Survey

HDC Rental Collections Survey

New Financing Application

New Financing Application

HDC Bond Inducement Information and Fees

HDC Bond Inducement Information

Compliant DBDF (Doing Business Data Form) and Other Related Documents

Doing Business Data Form
Doing Business Q & A - Standard Form
DBA? DBDF Review Guidelines
DBA Agency Instructions for Distribution of LL34 Materials

Disclosure Documents

Policy and Forms

Ownership Transfer Checklist

Ownership Transfer Checklist

Reserve for Replacement Guidelines

RFR Replacement Guidelines
Summary Sheet for Withdrawal for RFR

Environmental Review (SEQRA/CEQR)

Environment Assessment Statement?(to be submitted by the Environmental Consultant along with a letter of review from the New York State Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation)

Post-Loan Closing Requirements

HDC Site Sign Request Form

Marketing Meeting Request

Notice of Intent to Market (A1)
Marketing Agent Approval Form (A2)

Tax Certification Package

95-5 Form?
Qualified Guarantee Fees Summary Form

Tax Credit Recertification Documents

100% Low Income?
Deep Rent Skew
Mixed Income
NYCHA Mixed Income